Monday, December 30, 2019

A New Year and A new Decade- Are You Ready?

We are ending the year 2019. A lot has happened since the beginning of the year until now. Some successes have been achieved while we experienced some failures also. All in all we are thankful for the experiences that the year brought us because we have become better with these experiences.
As we look back, we must recall that every moment matters. It is the culmination of our experiences that have made us who we are.

The real question now is, are you ready for the coming year and decade? The year 2020. The year in which the world achieves most of the vision it set for itself in what is known as vision 2020.

Just keep hope alive and have faith that better days are coming and you'll get there only if you keep going.


Unknown said...

A new year and a new beginning. A new year to do more for the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon.

Unknown said...

A new year and a new beginning.A year to do Greater works for our Lord by calling upon all sinners to him.I AM is coming soon

Bisoh said...

It's amazing to see the end of one decade and the start of another! I am so excited for 2020. I am ready for whatever 2020 brings, but really just looking forward to new beginnings! As we go into 2020, may we experience divine clarity - 20/20 vision, and know what God has purposed for us, that as we begin anew, our lives may serve to bring glory and honor to His name!

The Divine Initiative said...

Thanks Bisoh indeed may divine clarity 20/20 vision be ours in the coming year. See you in year 2020

Unknown said...

It's a blessing to see this year end and another decade and a year start. Can't wait, it feels like a chapter is about to begin oh my! I'm super ready 2020 bring it on the DIVINE blessings of God,good health , Favor ,wealth and all the goodies. Thank you God my Baba.